Intercession by Pattern

Prophetess Sarah Morgan shows readers how God used the tabernacle to illustrate a pattern as to how we, as believers, should enter His presence. As we learn to properly position ourselves to hear from Him, we can have the confidence that He hears us and will answer. In this resource, one will learn principles of becoming an effective intercessor.

Dreams and Visions

The book provides readers with the necessary understanding to approach dreams and visions by the Holy Spirit, through biblical illustrations, understanding of the meaning of dreams and prophetic symbolism, and by exploring the art of dream interpretation according to ancient methods of the Bible.

This Present Darkness

Frank Peritti's series: This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness gave me an understanding, as a teenager, to the unseen forces that surround us. His books are powerful and enjoyable teaching tools in the area of spiritual warfare for readers of all ages.


This is the only fiction book that I read cover to cover without putting it down. I had to know what happen next.

The Release of the Spirit

Surely this is the hour when the battleground is in the soul. While the Lord is seeking to work through the quickened spirit. satan is seeking to work through the natural, soulish life which has not been brought under control of the spirit.

The Seer

How does visionary revelation "happen?" Can it be trusted? Where does it fit into the life of the church today? Can any believer become a seer, or is this a prophetic dimension reserved for the specially-gifted? The Seer answers these questions and will move your heart and stir up your hunger for intimacy with God, because The Seer's goal is to reveal the man Christ Jesus!

Why Revival Tarries

"Prayer is profoundly simple and simply profound. "Prayer is the simplest form of speech that infant lips can try," and yet so sublime that it outranges all speech and exhausts man's vocabulary. A Niagara of burning words does not mean that God is either impressed or moved. One of the most profound of Old Testament intercessors had no language "Her lips moved, but her voice was not heard." No linguist here! There are groanings which cannot be uttered." Leonard Ravenhill


Jessie Rogers

Every worshiper should own this album. The simplictic pattern in which Jessie Rogers approches the throne leads you straight into the presence of a loving Father.

Dasha Moore

There is a breakthrough anointing on Dasha Moore's voice. She has a prophetic fresh sound that pierces the atmosphere!

David and Nicole Binion

David and Nicole Binion have their pulse on the heart of God.


Klaus takes you right to the Father's heart.

Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe releases a pure sound of worship.


The Prayer Collection

This resource is the most complete curriculum we know of on the subject of prayer. The printed 140 page manual is shipped with the 23 audio sessions on a state of the art USB Card. This set is perfect for small groups, churches, and individuals desiring to become more effective in prayer and transformation initiatives.

Keith Green

" I repent of ever having recorded one single song and ever having performed one concert if my music, and more importantly, my life, has not provoked you into godly jealously, or to sell out more completely to Jesus!"  - Keith Green - Last Days Ministries